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Jan 16, 2012

A Sunday

We recently took the ferry over to Hong Kong island. This day out found us visiting familiar places and trying something new.
We started out on the Mid-Level escalators. We were going to visit Fat Angelos an italian restaurant, sadly we found that the restaurant had been replaced.

We had to "settle" for one of our favorite Mexican restaurants Carambas. The nachos and burritos were delicious. The kids liked picking out the red and green chips in the basket.

The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum
Is a place we decided to visit. Dr. Sun-Yat was a Chinese revolutionary that devoted His life to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. We had free entry with our museum pass.

Photography was not allowed in the majority of the museum. It is housed in a historical Hong Kong building.
The Hall was built in 1914. It was named after the former owner of the Mansion, Ho Kom-tong, who was a younger brother of the prominent philanthropist Sir Robert Ho Tung. The Ho family is the first Chinese family permitted to live in the Mid Levels in the early colonial period.

The interactive computer games for the kids and the cartoon friendly presentation of the Dr. were well done.

We found a frozen yogurt shop and stopped in for a treat.

Nathan was interested in finding the Catholic church. We stopped and took photos in front of the Christmas tree.

The Church is located near the Botanical garden and Zoo. It had been over a year since I last visited with the kids and Nathan had not been back since 2009.





Elaine said...

Would love to check the zoo out - is it nice? I hear its more a park than a zoo .. but then again this is HK! LOL!

Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

Yes,it is more of a park than a zoo. It is free, so you can't complain too much. Our kids like the playground at the top, it has swings. If you live here you should visit it at least once, I often tell visitors who are here on short trips that it can be skipped.