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May 23, 2011

The Peninsula Tea - Almarie's Birthday

My friend Almarie recently celebrated her birthday, I heard the number 29 and I won't argue that number in this post. Almarie leaves Hong Kong in June. On her list of things to do was high tea at
The Peninsula hotel Graciously she invited NIS moms and other related friends to join her in celebrating the big day in style. We gladly accepted the chance to dress up, and have time to get together without the kids. I bravely wore my heels, unheard of for me in HK. The walking, steps and endless concrete have kept me in flats for 2 years. It was nice to have a chance to put them on and be a little taller for a few hours.

The evening began by dropping the kids off at Constellation Cove clubhouse~natural alliteration, how fun to say that~ with babysitters and dinner provided, we could enjoy our afternoon/evening out in peace.
Jane and Hannah ( Almarie's oldest daughter) sang an impromptu Happy Birthday song to her.

Sally kindly drove us from Constellation Cove to Kowloon. It was fun to pull up next to The Rolls-Royce, Peninsula standard issue vehicles as the valet opened the door and ushered us out, it added to the excitement of the event.

The paparazzi shot of Tanya

The Peninsula no longer has a view on the harbor as a result of land reclamation but it is still arguably the most prestigious Hotel in Hong Kong. The website and everyone will tell you that you cannot reserve a table for high tea, yet Tanya with her Aussie charm managed to get a reservation so we did not have stand in a line.

Sally, Birthday girl, Linda and Abe

The sandwiches were delicious, The desserts, especially the raspberry filled tarts were splendid.
The cost $498HKD for the "tea for two" We stretched 3 of the tea for two among 8 of us and we had plenty.

Kendra arrived before us and held the table.

Afterwards we walked upstairs, and took a look around. It seemed there was a small restaurant, bar or cafe tucked away in one corner or another. The Swiss restaurant was decorated, woodwork included, like a chalet in the alps. The bathroom has an attendant that hands you a cloth towel.
Lillian, Sally, Almarie, Abe, me and Tanya back at CC

The wonderful women Almarie gathered together, made it a great time, and I am thankful to have been part of her special day shared with friends.

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Michelle Roman said...

Looks like you had a perfect night out with some wonderful women!! Your pics are great!! The hotel looks absolutely gorgeous!!