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Sep 12, 2009

Guilin Trip September 2009

Nathan was able to take a couple of days and visit Guilin China and surrounding areas. Guilin is known for being one of the prettiest places in China and many travel far to visit it.

This village had no road until 1997. At that time no one spoke Mandarin (the national language spoken by virtually everyone on the mainland) by 2003 everyone spoke English! Reason being tourism. All the buildings are newer buildings.

Rice Terraces in the first photo

The cave was illuminated by lights. In the states when you visit caves you see signs and are told not to touch the formations as they are changed by the touch of human hands. Everyone touched the walls and formations in this cave.

The women in this village don't cut their hair. They keep it wrapped and covered until they are married and their husband is the the first one to see their hair. The side they wrap it up on indicates if they have children or not.

Nathan was volunteered to be part of a show that went through traditional wedding rituals he was a groom and had a bride
who is actually a married woman. At the end he was told he needed to buy a gift for his bride. I suppose you could refuse to do this, but I imagine you would be looked down upon, so he paid money for her to have a nice bracelet and in return was given three small cloth purses. One whose strapped broke after 2 minutes of Jane playing with it. A nice little money making scheme they have going on. The amusement I get out of watching him on the video is worth it. He was getting his behind pinched a couple of times an indication he was told that you are liked. I am unsure if this is a traditional tribal practice or just a slapstick gag to make the audience laugh.

They cooked rice and vegtables inside these bamboo containers over a fire very good. The chicken one you might want to pass on-they cut up a whole chicken and throw it all in there.

I particularly find this photo amusing. It is common to see postings on the mass transit telling you to give up your seat to the elderly or anyone in need with pictures indicating who that might be. This spells out very clearly who the in need might be.

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