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Jun 5, 2009


The spinning cups fun for Jane and Dad

Shenzhen is a special economic zone on the Mainland- It is one of the "richest" places and fastest growing cities in China. I have ventured to SZ a handful of times now, primarily for shopping- cheap stuff! Nathan travels there everyday, this is where he works. Recently we were invited by his co-worker to enjoy a day out in Shenzhen. We went to the children's park ( amusement park- carnival rides) Windows of the World mini replica's of famous world sites. It reminded me of Epcot's around the world theme. We had a delicious Chinese dinner inside a mall. The Sus (last name of the family have a five year old - I didn't see his name wrote down but I believe it is pronounced Mowjong- we thought it sounded like Mahjong. A cutie and him Elliot got along quite well in spite of the language barrier.

A Day with the Su Family from outypants on Vimeo.

Jane got to experience a squatter toilet -twice. It is of course quite common for little kids just to go wherever they are standing. This is something I don't know if I could ever quite get used to. When it is a 1-3 year old, it is one thing and I can understand the cultural difference but we saw kids who were much much older than that, just going anywhere. I would think most Chinese instruct their older children to use the toilet, and this is a minority? Maybe as we live here longer I will get more insight into this.

We have found the Chinese are very polite and lovely people in general. They love the kids and often ask for the kids to take photos with them or they just snap shots of the children, most ask first. I plan on compiling a post of just photos of other people taking pictures of our kids later on. This happened a few times while we were out in Shenzhen. Elliot was having none of that this day Jane likes the attention and is always willing.

Umbrellas are commonly used not only to protect from the rain but from the sun.
Jane now ask often for an umbrella when out in the hot sun.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is on Nathan's must see list. This "small" replica of the site made me appreciate how large it really is.

The cocanut was warm and not that tasty

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