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Sep 14, 2011

Mid- Autumn Festival

Moon cakes and lanterns, must mean it is Mid-Autumn time again. Looking for lanterns on what could be considered the last day of the festivities, results in slim pickins. Elliot's Angry Bird lantern not only had a rattling ball inside, it played music. Who thinks of these things? Certainly not parents. I was thankful Jane found a more traditional style lantern.

We met up with the Annis Family and headed over to the Sha Tin Carnival. Origami crafts and live performances kept us entertained between walking around to see all the displays. Jane loves peacocks so she was particularly excited with those lanterns.
Some of the live performances featured acrobatic strengths, contortionist and breaking poles over backs and heads.
We actually got a good view of the moon as well.

Nathan gets free moon cakes from work. I tried again this year, thinking maybe I would have developed a taste for the super sweet, dense lotus seed paste and egg yolk. It has not happened. I however have discovered I can eat the "Snowy" moon cakes that are less traditional and taste like fruits and don't have yolk oozing out of the middle.
I do love the collector tins and find uses for them around the house.