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Mar 24, 2011

March 25th 2005 "Good Friday" was the day Elliot Daniel Sweeney was born.

Daddy was sure during the entire pregnancy that it was going to be a boy, he just knew. Mom on the other hand had to wait for him to tell her after baby came out that she had a son.

Daniel at the Memphis Zoo October 2006


Around his 2 year birthday on a visit to Grandpa and Grandma Sweeneys in Tennessee playing basketball with Uncle Aaron

2008 This photo shows what we were just beginning to realize when brother was 3 years old, That he liked being funny.


We move our 3 going on 4 year old from his home country the USA to Hong Kong China. He calls the MTR stop University - Universary and his favorite place to eat is basghetti house. (Spaghetti House)
He likes Star Wars and calls the droid army robots- "Roger rogers" He not only says cute words. He also "hates" walking and cries every time we walk from our Apartment to our shuttle ( 3 minutes walk) I think he cries because he knows that means a day or at least a good hour or more walking, possibly standing on a MTR train or bus. I believe it was 4 months after we lived in Hong Kong that he finally stopped whining or crying about having to walk. A typical American kid at 3 years old is in a stroller or car when in transit, so we empathized with his discomfort. But we still made him walk.

He says goodbye to the closest friend he ever had. He asks everyday for months to see his friend ( who had returned to the States) this loss which is common in Hong Kong, is hard for mom to see him experience.

He becomes enrolled at the Norwegian International school in Tai Po
He is a K3 student which is equivalent to US kindergarten.
He develops what mom calls his Hong Kong- English as a second language accent. The term Pan Pacific accent was mentioned.
He says Ai Ya ( a common expression in Chinese when something Minor wrong/accidentally happens) His inflection in words starts to go up . The teacher says Elliot is often pulled in several directions because all the boys want to play with him

Spider Man
He is all boy. loves wrestling with daddy and 'fighting" will make a shooting sound effect out of anything you put in his hand. Wants to be with dad a lot but is sensitive to Mom and shows great concern for her when she hurts herself or seems upset.

at a modeling shoot in Hong Kong.

Elliot Daniel you make us laugh because you try so hard to be funny. But you make us smile because we see your heart that loves your family. Hearing you sing This is the day the Lord has made and Praise Him, is not only cute but also brings us great joy. Your favorite books are Daniel in the Lions den and Jesus and the passover. We are thankful for your humor and like you showing us how fast you can run and how strong you are, but what bring us greater joy is seeing you learn about a God who loves you more than us and who has great plans for your life.
Happy Birthday Dan!

Mar 15, 2011


The Spring has brought us some exciting events.

This cute 5 year old (soon to be 6) pulled his first wiggly tooth out on our shuttle bus. $20 in his bank. ( Hong Kong dollars)

We are proud to be the parents of the NIS Grade 2 February Star student of the month. Good job Jane Autumn!

Mar 1, 2011

2 Years

This was March 2009. Our first couple of weeks in Hong Kong. I can't believe how little the kids look. They are seen here showing off their newly acquired octopus cards and lanyards.
The time has gone by so fast and our remaining days here seem to be coming up even faster.

I remember it was during our first week here and I was feeling the common emotions of isolation, and loneliness. My jet lagged mind was overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sights and smells of the foreign land that my family had decided to call home.
It was on the day I was feeling the lowest, that we happened to be invited to dinner with Nathan's boss. He was picking us up in his van to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. I was quite drowsy and had not notice much of the sights along the way. We parked the car and began walking toward the restaurant, we turned a corner and there in front of me for the first time was Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong skyline. If it is possible to silently gasp, I would describe my action at that moment as an inward gasp. I found the vast array of skyscrapers and their lights reflecting in the water, dazzling. The shadows of the mountains hidden behind the spectacle of glistening buildings was such a fascinating contrast to me.
I felt a renewed excitement about being here. At that moment I wanted to see Hong Kong, to explore all of it and get to know it well.

In two years we have explored and have learned a lot about Hong Kong's landscape and the people. There is much more to see and to experience. I look forward to every new day that God will give us in this "Fragrant Harbor"