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Nov 18, 2010

Yim Tin Tsai

It was a day before my 33rd birthday
I went to Sai Kung with my friends Jodie and Lori and caught a boat ride to Yim Tin Tsai, Meaning "little salt field."

A mission was founded on the island and St. John's Chapel's was built in 1890.

When we walked around we saw that there were volunteers cleaning up around the church.

We needed to have scheduled a visit to enter in the church. So we could only walk around. People visit it at least once a year on St John's day.

Salt mining was the sustainable living for the villagers, but the fields are abandon now.

As a result of the Mission founded on the island it has a Christian heritage. It isn't common in China to find graves marked with crosses.

We ideally wanted to walk the full length of Kau Sai Chau. The Jockey Club spent millions of dollars to build a golf course on part of the island. The only public golf course in Hong Kong.

This is the gate keeping us from walking to the other side of the island. We called to see if we really couldn't get across. Lori is fabulous at getting information and results. But we were told it was not possible to hike along the island.

Something about safety as a result of flying golf balls, I suppose it was legitimate.


I had heard there were mangroves to be found on the island, but being unsure of what exactly was a mangrove I was afraid I would leave the place never knowing. We kept pointing at various flora saying maybe that is a mangrove, or is it that? Finally a sign with an arrow lead us to this place. We safely deduced we had found the mangroves.

We stopped at Honeymoon Dessert, just to take pictures. Honeymoon Dessert is a chain of restaurants that specialize in Asian style desserts. The first one was opened in Sai Kung.

This photo shows the sign Durian district. Durian is a strong smelling fruit, loved or hated by many. Due to its pungent aroma a special section is allocated to where it will be served.

I have yet to try it, but I am very familiar with the smell.